Interesting Facts About Boxing Star

If you are searching for the amazing fighting game for your mobile phone, then you should try Boxing Star once. You will like the game because of the unique features and impressive gameplay. In the starting point of the game, you have to pick a street boxer and work for their improvement. You should use the guides to learn the killer moves and mega punches.

Many of the characters are available in the game, and you should customize your player in a better way.  Your performance is based on the timing of punches and blocks. You can play the game as a source to reduce the stress level in an entertaining way.

General information           

Always give your best to avoid the attacks of your opponent and wait for the right moment to hit the special attack.  Train your player for the big matches and try to win the world championship by using the story mode. Play the game with Boxing Star Hack  and your online friends and show them your boxing skills.

Swap box     

It is also an interesting part of the game, and you can earn gears, gloves, coins and many more protective items with it. You have to spend some coins if you want to open the swap box. The game also gives you the option to exchange new gears with low-quality gears. The chances to get the rare and omega gears is increased after using the swap box.

Use your skills as per the fighting style, because you can earn more coins by using the best skills. If you train your player more efficiently, the game gives you a bonus for the intense training.


In my opinion, it is good to have more choices for the skills because the winning chances are increased when you use the right ability at the right time.