Instructions about Choices Story You Play


The game is we talking about are the most leading game nowadays. Choices story you play is an entertaining simulation and online game with various stories. There are small time stories which are controlled by you. Only stories make this game popular, and it is available for Android and IOS users. The game is available free of cost on many different sites. The stories from which the game earns more name and fame are The Freshman, Love hacks, The Crown and Perfect Match. Different stories are added every week with their different roles to perform. To lead the game, you need more and more in-game currency.

Earn Diamonds and Keys

The main aspect of every game is to collect the in-game currency more as possible as you can, and for this game it is similar. The more and more you have the currency the more you reach up to a high level and lead the game. Choices story you play it is hard to earn the in-game currency because of it available in limited amount. Following are two types of in-game currency and ways to collect them in good amount:


  • Keys – These are required to start reading a new story or chapter. Keys play an important role in the game. Don’t worry about keys if you have less because the game automatically generates keys in the next 3 hours.

Another solution of keys is the in-app purchases. In it, you spend real money to buy enough amount of in-game currency. If you complete the missions, then free keys can be earned automatically as in the form of rewards or prizes.


  • Diamonds – These are used to unlock different stories and chapters. It is the premium currency in the game and if you want get more byy trying Choices Cheats. Diamonds helps in using many important features and also unlocking various levels. It is not an easy task to earn more and more diamonds. If you lack the number of diamonds then don’t worry, wait for few hours and get back to the game. It automatically provides you a little number of diamonds and some other in-game currency also.