Portland Dixieland Jazz Society is offering instructional presentational for middle and high school band classes in the Portland-Vancouver metropolitan area.  The PDJS volunteer presenters are highly qualified musicians with professional credentials and performance experience with leading tradition jazz bands.  The class combines brief lectures, playing demonstrations, and handouts to give beginning instrumentalists an understanding of the music and access to web resources for ther independent study. For information..................
call Rick Campbell 503-701-7356 or    email........

Monthly Club Dances: (See Schedules )

                                                Milwaukie, Oregon
                        Traditional Jazz Society of Oregon
                                                Eugene, Oregon

                        Olympia Dixieland Jazz Society
                                                Olympia, Washington

        Phil Brenes
        The Traditional  Jazz Show
  9:00 - 11:00AM Each
         Sunday Morning 

Dancers, Front & Center
Positioning the Traditional
                     Jazz Spotlight

Written by      Kit Johnson
 leader Black Swan Classic
              Jazz Band

             HOT NOTES  
       J A Z Z    R A D I O
   PDXdixiejazz is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and promotion of dixieland jazz music.
                                                    Serving the Greater Portland and Vancouver Area.
February --
          Fresno Dixieland Sounds
          Seaside Jazz Festival

May --
          Sacramento Music Festival     
June --
          Olympia Jazz Festival      
July --
          Evergreen Jazz Festival      
August -- 
          Dixieland Party Band
October --
          Medford Jazz Festival
          Pismo Jubilee by the Sea
          Sun Valley Jazz Jamboree
November --
          San Diego Jazz Festival