We’re committed
   PDXdixiejazz is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and promotion of dixieland jazz music.
                                                    Serving the Greater Portland and Vancouver Area
We always welcome new membersMember                     -ship benefits come in all shapes and sizes. Reduced admission fee; monthly newsletter;                door prizes; raffle drawings; annual
silent auction and secure/free off-street parking.                             Apply for membership......here 
Dixieland - or - 'Traditional Jazz' -  is the tie that binds                    our membership
together.  Some performing members are professional                            musicians, while others rank at various levels of achievement playing their musical                         instrument  of choice.  Male or female, it's not uncommon for 200 years of combined                        musical experience and talent to perform together on the stage. You can dance, chat, scan        the drink/food menu, or just relax as you connect to the same music your parents and grand            -parents enjoyed over two generations.

------------------------------MEMBERS  and  FRIENDS  SHOWCASE------------------------
          Wayne Travillion
                Jass Two Plus One